8 How to be a good leader and a successful and wise

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Asiancerdas.com . Each one is a leader and each of leadership will be required accountability

became the leader of the simple but good and successful and discretion that is hard

Many world leaders are successful, but not all modeling, since it is impossible to be successful like Pharaoh, success as a leader mozolini and other dzalim

Pemimppin immortal is a leader capable mebawakan themselves as being a parent.

Being a person who is always accountable to their children in any of their children can not be left off one day later

Parents who are in love her even parents who are old, just sat was still loved by his son

In missed by his son, even tiadapun remained miss the mother and father, will there still be a leader like this?

The answer is no? only God send to specific groups either within that group there are people who are not well or not

There are no evil people there are people who have not had a good, not good in front of fellow creatures of God

1. Sacrifice

This was very difficult for a leader, as a sacrifice to completion and the ongoing difficult sangatkah

Sacrificing to think of how advanced an organization as well as other positive things, time, energy, thoughts, this is rarely done by the leaders of today

2. Wise

In taking the decision to the people in need a wise leader, always beritndak with caution however fast

3. Congruent

Require a decision, treat and commitment round it congruent, do not play games and also trial and error in designing an organization

4. Strong Mind

Remember what in thinking there would be in the real world, if the leaders only think hesitation, anxiety, do not believe in success, then in the real world of failure, uncertainty and so on

This is an important point of a strong mind and a clear mind, an example of towering buildings that previously existed in the brain of an engineer or architect

architect drawing schematically and submitted to artisan work to read drawings and menyelesaikanya

5. The positive perception

a story that portrays a negative perception leaders to subordinates, the leader who kicked a subordinate who was raising his foot on a chair

considers that bawahanya not work and even disrespectful to raise his feet on the seat when the chief was passing

In fact it turns the subordinate’s leg was broken in an accident, finally added the accident and increase the burden of subordinates

6. Honest

Honest is in need such as demonstrated by all the prophets and messengers to his community, because this is the key justice or be a fair leader

With honest justice accompanies easily because comparable straight

7. Firmly

Open tender means not firm, as saying can you sit on the left, because this chair would be used special guest areas

8. Trust

The main is a trust that must exert, because Amanah was from God, for we bear to our fellow creatures